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Generations of Fine Woodworking & Clock Building

When a skill is elevated to the level of a profession it becomes a business. So it was with Leo Humenick, Sr. In 1960, he dedicated himself to fine woodworking. Within ten years, that interest had been distilled into a single passion; making the finest quality wood clock cabinets in the United States.

That mission was imparted to his sons, Dan and Leo, Jr. who became committed to the challenge of creating exquisite clock cabinets that would stand the test of time. Today, this trio of talented woodworkers stands side by side at Bradford Clocks. They are united in a simple, old fashioned desire to be the best. This vision is shared by all of Bradford Clock’s employees. From design and assembly, to rough cut and sanding, to staining and polishing, the men and women at Bradford Clocks are dedicated to excellence in fine clocks.

Traditional Style Clocks with Modern Appeal

Bradford Clocks creates clocks and timepieces that embody traditional American values of quality craftsmanship, performance, and durability that are part of our country’s heritage. Many of Bradford’s clocks are classic traditional style clocks. Some may be considered antique style clocks or antique reproduction clocks. Bradford draws inspiration from the classic style clocks that have become sought after throughout time, and uses that inspiration to design every Bradford clock. We create personalized wall clock & personalized mantel clocks.

Whether you seek a classic antique style clock or a timepiece with modern charm, you are sure to find it in the Bradford Clocks collection. The style, quality, and craftsmanship that go into all of Bradford’s clocks are rare, hard to find characteristics in today’s modern clocks. These characteristics stand the test of time and produce clocks that will become heirlooms to last a lifetime. We can personalized wall clocks with family names.

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