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Specialty Wood Products

Bradford Ltd. offers custom design and fabrication of unique and specialized wood products. U.S. custom wood products modern using modern CNC machining facility and decades of fine woodworking experience make Bradford the logical choice for any custom made wood products
or wood machining needs.

Theatre Seating

Looking for the highest quality woodworking for your special theater seating solution? Bradford Ltd. has handmade the finest theater seats for several large and prestigious events including the Academy Awards theatre.

CNC Solutions

From drawing or idea to a finished product, Bradford Ltd. has the equipment and capabilities to provide specialized computer numerical control (CNC) router solutions for custom wood products.

Bradford has years of experience using this technology to create specialized clock cabinet pieces, innovative medical devices, special furniture pieces, custom wood molding products, and many other unique products. CAD drawings can be created from your specifications or a product can be engineered directly from your CAD drawing. If you have a need for a specialized wood or plastic item, please click here to submit your specifications and/or drawing and request an immediate quote.

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