Weatherly, PA


  • A classic style pedestal clock that looks superb at home or in the office... A beautiful desktop clock in the classic style, the Lord Baltimore II Anniversary Clock is designed to add distinctive elegance to the office or the home. Crafted from solid brass, the Lord Baltimore II anniversary clock sits on a pedestal and features a Roman numeral dial, mineral crystal and quartz clock movement. To increase the air of distinction offered by the Lord Baltimore II, customization options are available on the clock case, back or pedestal.
  • This stunning gold plated anniversary clock makes a great customized gift... Memorialize anniversaries, milestones, and outstanding service, with the Dominion Anniversary Clock. This round desktop clock is made of brass with gold plating and a quartz clock movement. This desktop clock is perfect for anniversaries, and features a customizable brass disk that can be placed on the inside or outside of the clock lid.
  • Petite sized, carriage style brass desk clock... The Wentworth Carriage Clock is small in size and big in style. This desktop clock comes in brass, and features brass-finish quartz clock movements. A wonderful anniversary gift that adds to the décor of any setting.
  • This stylish brass desk clock is made to personalize... The Desk Portrait clock is designed with personalization, and sentiment, in mind. Made of solid brass, this desktop clock features a picture frame on the inner cover, and a mineral crystal with a quartz clock movement. The Desk Portrait clock can be further personalized with a medallion on the front cover.
  • Gives any room a dignified feeling with this classic style wall clock. Evoking a simple elegance, the classic style of the Oxford wall clock will bring dignity to your room. Made of oak with a light stain, the Oxford wall clock sports a top pediment handcarved by Bradford’s skilled craftsmen with a bold country emblem. Featuring a white dial with brass trim, large Roman numerals, and a quartz clock movement that plays 4/4 Westminster and Whittington chimes.